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AmeriFlex Comfort Series   
Nasal Pillow


Rain Eight's AmeriFlex Comfort Series is one of the most comfortable and effective pillows available for the price and is receiving rave reviews.

The 2-point easy slip-on system allows easy fitting and evenly balances forces from the headgear to create the best seal and greatest comfort.

The headgear design allows the pillow to be easily removed and allows easy donning without adjusting the headgear. This feature reduces fidgeting with the pillow after donning and helps ensure repeatable location of the pillow on the patient's nostrils ensuring the greatest comfort and reliable sealing.

The nostril is the most challenging area for any pillow to seal. There is potential for leaks if adjustment is too loose, and pillows can create sores and hotspots if adjustment is too tight. The Adaptive Easy Flex technology on the AmeriFlex Comfort Series solves this problem by providing a circumferential U-shaped feature directly below the nostril area made of high-flex silicone that gently compresses creating a reliable seal without generating excessive pressure.

Additionally, the nostril engagement area features an Ultra-Comfort Seal-Tight section of thin silicone further increasing nostril sealing and comfort while the remainder of the nostril support structure is made of thicker material to maintain ideal geometry and alignment with the patient's nostrils.

The ultralight and thin headgear is easy to position and keeps the patient's head cool throughout the night.

The quick-release 22mm supply hose connection makes bathroom breaks a snap without removing the mask in the dark.

As important as everything else, is the ultra-quiet honeycomb vent design and arrangement that provides the patient and their spouse with a quiet and restful night's sleep.

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For pricing and ordering details, please visit our Members center.

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