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Respirators Stocked in the US

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US CDC Tested

Our respirators stocked in the US were tested by the US Center for Disease Control National Personal Protective Testing Laboratory (NPPTL). The NPPTL tested 30 samples and found the minimum filtration efficiency to be 99.32%. 

The NPPTL findings place the performance of the samples tested above the minimum filtration efficiency requirement normally applied to far more expensive N99 masks. 

See the report on the CDC site here:

Our respirators are stocked in the US and are manufactured in state of the art sanitary and automated facilities.

All products are stocked in FDA registered facilities so that proper conditions are maintained and to ensure that product quality is maintained.

Our respirators have FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to ensure safety of your valued personnel.

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Download the full Respirator Product Sheet for more details on product, test results, FDA registration, and FDA EUA.

Download the Rain8 Respirator US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) test report for more details.

Download the test method.

Download our brochure to learn how we protect your business security and the safety of your personnel.

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