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Rain8 Reduces Risk - Offers Invoice Factoring for CoVID-19 Supplies

Factoring along with PO financing are important tools for buyers especially in the era of CoVID-19 supplies. Factoring and PO financing can reduce financial risk to near zero for buyers buying from previously unknown sources from China and elsewhere.

Rain8 additionally provides other tools such as pre-bill-of-lading third-party inspections, government white-lists, contemporaneous export approvals and other measures to help ensure product and contract performance.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Instead of carrying unpaid invoices on a balance sheet, invoice factoring transforms credit-worthy invoices into valuable working capital. Businesses that use invoice factoring can extend payment terms to their customers but still get paid today for completed work. This puts the business owner in charge of when they get paid.

If your cash flow challengers are catching-up, turn to an old proven product where you, in a sense, borrow money but make no monthly payments - that's invoice factoring or account receivables financing.

Factoring can be very flexible and if done right can be very helpful in managing lagging invoices.  Predictable invoices are great in allowing you to manage your operating capital to help pay for bills, meet payroll, and handle unexpected repairs and maintenance.

Who Factors?

Early stage or start-up companies with inconsistent cash flow

Rapidly growing companies with a need for steady cash flow

Turnaround companies looking for balance sheet enhancement

Under capitalized companies that need cash flow


  • Lines up to $10 Million monthly

  • Off-balance Sheet Accounting

  • Simple Application, Same Day Approval

  • Send Your Invoice Electronically, Avoid Mail Fees

  • No Hidden Fees & Low Setup Cost

  • No Longer Term Contract

  • Very Competitive Discount Rates

  • Highest Invoice Purchase Advanced

  • Annualized Line of Credit

  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • No Personal Guarantee

  • Fast Funding

  • Free Customer Credit and Receivable Collection Monitoring

  • No minimum monthly requirement

  • Easy to use and set up

How It Works?

Industries Served

Rain8 serves a wide range of industries.

Let us help you today with your China sourcing needs.


Contact us here: for more information about the contents of this article or how we may assist you with a custom product or service search to meet your business needs.


Rain8 Group,, has over 20 years experience in China market-entry and business development. Rain8 Sourcing,, has over 10 years experience in developing and managing supply chains in China. Rain8 Group and Rain8 Sourcing are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Precision Arrow Placement LLC,, a producer of wired and wireless cloud-based sensor networks operating over LoRa WAN for the industrial and agri-tech markets.


Rain8 partners with the Chinese central government and with influential Chinese industry organizations to achieve superior results for our clients including:

○ product quality,

product authenticity, and;

security of financial transactions.

Visit our partner, The Chinese Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) here:

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