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Is N99 Filtration Efficiency Performance Available at KN95 Prices?

Buyers must look for the best performance possible to protect their staff while conserving organizational budgets to meet competing demands.

Pressure on considerations of trade-offs between cost and performance for respirator masks have now been reduced.

Rain8's Filtering Face-piece Respirators (FFRs) have been tested by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Personal Protection Testing Laboratories (NPPTL).

Thirty (30) samples were tested by the CDC. The lowest filtration efficiency, out of the thirty samples in the test, was found to be 99.32%.

Key pages of the test are shown below. Download the full report and the product sheet at the bottom of this post.

Download our Product Sheet here:

Download • 8.85MB

Download our company overview here:

20201010A Rain8 Sourcing Brochure
Download PDF • 1.84MB

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