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CDC Warning Against Counterfeit N95 Masks

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an update on June 19, 2020 warning against counterfeit mask products.

Rain8 Sourcing is aware of many instances of clients being harmed by CoVID-19 suppliers contract non-performance or contract under-performance. Many of these cases are related to counterfeit products.

The most common case of counterfeit CoVID-19 products involve a supplier pretending to be a legitimate, Chinese government-approved and white-listed supplier. It is common in cases like these for the supplier to assume the name, visual identity, logo and so on of the legitimate supplier.

There are several layers of mitigation that can be applied to avoid counterfeits, with each layer reducing risk.

There are plenty of legitimate suppliers in China who provide correct product and fulfill contract terms.

Rain8 Sourcing partners with Chinese government regulators for close supervision of CoVID-19 suppliers. If you have a transaction you are close to finishing, Rain8 Sourcing will assist you, free of charge, to validate your target supplier.

Contact us here: for these free services.

Please note that many of the suppliers below are LEGITIMATE suppliers but that some may, according to CDC NIOSH, have been subject to identity theft. We can validate your legitimate transactions.

NIOSH has been informed that many legitimate manufacturers in China have been counterfeited. In such cases, NIOSH has no way of verifying which products are counterfeit and which are authentic. While the manufacturer listed in the table is shown as the manufacturer of the product evaluated, NIOSH has been informed that some of these are actually counterfeit products. Some products with legitimate manufacturer names, showing poor filter penetration results (<95%), are counterfeit products. A number of manufacturers have also informed NIOSH that they did not produce the products associated with their name. NIOSH urges purchasers of masks and respirators that may have questions about the authenticity of these products to contact directly the manufacturers and others in the supply chain as needed to verify that they are obtaining legitimate products.


Contact us here: for more information about the contents of this article or how we may assist you with a custom product or service search to meet your business needs.


Rain8 Group,, has over 20 years experience in China market-entry and business development. Rain8 Sourcing,, has over 10 years experience in developing and managing supply chains in China. Rain8 Group and Rain8 Sourcing are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Precision Arrow Placement LLC,, a producer of wired and wireless cloud-based sensor networks operating over LoRa WAN for the industrial and agri-tech markets.


Rain8 partners with the Chinese central government and with influential Chinese industry organizations to achieve superior results for our clients including:

○ product quality,

product authenticity, and;

security of financial transactions.

Visit our partner, The Chinese Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) here:

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