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We Understand Your Challenges!

Rain8 is aware of the challenges faced by DMEs.

Steadily rising costs and plummeting reimbursements are squeezing the profits of DMEs.

We are aware of so-called "value" products with promises to increase your initial profits.

But we know that poor products lead to poor compliance, frustrated customers and lost follow-on refill sales.

We aim to solve this problem!

“I have tried everything the leading brands have to offer and the Rain8 YF-01 mask is the best I’ve used. In two words, It’s PHENOMENAL!"

87 year-old male

CPAP user for 10 years.

Rain8 delivers products with unmatched quality and 
for  your DME, HME or Healthcare-related business.

Rain8 works with the largest, most sophisticated global producers of FDA-approved, HCPCS-coded, PDAC-listed and retail consumables in the world.

We bring directly to you the best-in-category design and quality at best-value-available wholesale prices!

Rain8 knows DME because we are DME!

Learn more about us here:
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